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Welcome to the NAG Public teaser page.

Below you will find some examples of NAG course material. A try before you buy approach.
If you like what you see here then maybe you should think about joining the New Astronomers’ Group.

Novice observing programme - 36 brightest stars - Task list
Get the list so you can start tracking them down. Zoom in for a closer look with binoculars or telescope. Tick them off the list supplied.

Novice observing programme - May Bright Stars - Sample month
Here is a sample of the Bright Stars sheet handed out each month. This gives you the background, the interesting facts, and a monthly TOTM (Tip of the Month) about naked eye / binocular observing. This will help you work through the list of 36 stars. You brain will welcome the context as it lodges the patterns of bright stars for recall on a frosty night of observing. The constellations they lie in will start to become familiar as you start to appreciate the vault of stars overhead. In the early stages of observing it’s all about learning to find your way.

How to use you Star Atlas - Sample section
[View] - coming soon.


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