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March 2013
The Feb Intake has been deferred to March.
You can check out my Moon/Jupiter occultation pictures at: http://asv.org.au/gallery.php?dir=Ken%20Le%20Marquand

Feb 2013
There will be a large intake meeting during February and there are still a few places available. My job as President of the ASV has seen me extremely busy and as a consequence there was no August Intake, with just a small December one possible. Currently I am working my way through a list of requests to join NAG of which some are many months old. I do apologise for this tardiness of mine. It goes to show that sometimes you just can’t do everything. I am aiming to have all requests answered and invites sent out by the end of January. So if you have sent me a request and haven’t heard y then please send me another e-mail with your Name, ASV Membership number, and Suburb.

January 2013
There is no January meeting of the New Astronomers’ Group. The ASV have a couple of weekend field trips on the calendar to the Dark Sky site. Check the back of your Crux magazine for details and don’t forget to ring for the gate code a couple of days before you go.

December 2012
It has been tough task to keep the NAG section going, while taking on the role of ASV President, plus family, plus project work. Therefore the August Intake never happened and I apologise for that. I am trawling through the NAG applications (which I have put aside) and sending out an invite to the December meeting. At this meeting you can join NAG, get your course folder that will hold all your notes, and be given access to the members page of the NAG Web-site where you can download course material and observing programme notes.

December 2012 meeting
We are very privileged to have Alex Cherney as our Guest speaker from the ASV Astrophotography section who will demonstrate what the Amateur can do and how to go about it. If you don't know who Alex is yet, then prepare yourself for a visual feast of night sky still and animation treats. Alex has his own unique style and you can see some of his works at Visit: http://www.terrastro.com/

Because I have switched the order of our NAG meetings around these last few months, anyone who hasn't done the Astrophotography session is most welcome to join us. Even if you did but just want to join us for Alex's talk please join us.

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