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From this page Members can download the following material for your NAG folder.

  • Course notes from last, current, and next meetings.
  • Novice Observing program notes. Included are Tip Of The Month [TOTM] articles to help you build observing skills.
  • A Rookie Observing program in early stages of planning.

If you would like to help out please see the contribution guide below. You can help fill in some blanks and share your knowledge with others.

Course notes

Last Month - June: [Download]

Life Cycle of Stars, It is the stars that build all the elements heavier than Hydrogen and Helium that we take for granted on planet Earth.

This Month - July: : [Download]

Galaxies are the biggest building blocks of the Universe. Stretching for as far as we can see and in every direction we look, moving away from us. Red shift, Hubble expansion, Dark matter, Standard candles of Cephid variables and Type 1a supernovae.

Next Month - August: : [Download]

Origin of the Universe, Big Bang, Expanding Universe, Accelerating Universe, Dark Energy, Gravity at work over vast distances and times.

Novice Observing programme
Task sheet:  [View]
Contribution Guide:  [View]

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