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A few details about the Author.

  • I started Astronomy at age four. I can remember arguing with my father we were not looking at Alpha Centauri because that was one star. And I could see two in the telescope. A 2 inch brass refractor that I still have and in poor condition and need of a TLC project.
  • My Dad build a fibreglass dome in the backyard on the 2nd story of a backyard shed. Equipped with a 7inch Newtonian reflector I was spoilt.
  • My prime instrument is currently a 12” GSO Dob. I find the extra aperture bring out the subtle colours of the stars than the 7” I grew up with.
  • I buy a new eyepiece when I can afford it, which is not often. But I am slowly getting a decent collection together.
  • Currently I am employed in IT on warehouse logistics systems for a large retailer.
  • Long time Section Director of the New Astronomers Group.
  • As of April 2012 I am the current President of the ASV.

Below is my Vixen NA120S refractor brought as OTA only through Ice in Space (thanks Phil). After 18 months of having this on a wobbly mount that was built in a single weekend, for a much smaller travel scope, I made plans for something more sturdy. Richard Berry inspired with three major departures in design. Click the thumbnails below -or- hit the play button to roll through them.

I have fixed most of the leg wobbles, though some work is still needed before completion. But it’s totally usable, quick and easy to move to any part of the sky. I have included some solar eclipse photos from Melbourne (partial) taken with a a mobile phone bracket. While this scope suffers some chromatic aberration, this is only for the brightest stars. What it does produce is fantastic wide (3deg) flat fields which is exactly what I brought it for.

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