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Have you forgotten your Username/password?
Your latest NAG Newsletter will contain the details which change a few times each year.

How to join?
The New Astronomers' Group is an official section of the Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV).
Therefore you must first join the ASV to join in the NAG meetings and access course notes.

Once you have become an ASV member you should:

  • Login to the the ASV Web-site using your membership credentials.
  • Set your e-mail preferences for New Astronomers’ Group to: ON.
  • When I send out the next NAG Newsletter you will receive a copy to your Inbox.
  • Included will be current Login details for this web-site, as well as Zoom meeting details.

Remember it's not just about the New Astronomers' Group.
There are many sections, events, and benefits when you join the ASV in addition to the New Astronomers' group. Like loan telescopes and borrowing from the largest Astronomical library in the Southern hemisphere.

Click the Teaser page to see examples of what the New Astronomers’ Group does.

Want to know how to join the ASV?

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