New Astronomers’ Group is an official Section of the Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV)

Visit the official ASV NAG web page here!
So... If this is not the official NAG Web page then what is this web-site? I’m glad you asked!


Each section of the ASV gets a page on the ASV web-site to say what they do so ASV members can  decide which section(s) meetings they are interested in attending. Some sections do extra things like their own web-site, Yahoo group, Facebook group, etc... Which gives a section space to grow without encumbering on the main ASV web-site.


The New Astronomers’ Group grew out of providing three ring A4 binders with printed course notes provided each month. This business model fitted with the year 2000 vibe when NAG started. This cost $30 to join and created a queue of members waiting to join. The more popular NAG became the more clumsy it was to operate and administer. Even though many members quite enjoyed operating like this time caught up with us and we had to change.

Please feel free to make you own A4 NAG folder


Meetings are now open to all ASV members (like most sections) and this web-site is being re-built as the place to go for meeting notes and observing programme guides on-line. Most members have  adopted Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) loaded with the .pdf course notes. They can link and search the web for more info (often during meetings). Which is a great way to learn more with less effort.

[ more to come ]