Winter Constellation

  • Scorpius shows off its red supergiant heart being  Antares. Such a large a distinctive constellation.
  • Follow the main stars down the body and through the tail to discover a handful of doubles.
  • A busy part of the sky with many Messier objects like M4, M6, and M7. The much more elusive Bug nebulae requires dark skies.
  • Naked eye and binoculars will keep you busy for several hours just cruising around the brighter objects. A telescope will keep you busy all season.
  • Sagittarius the Archer, or Teapot lies next door. An even richer hunting ground for Messier objects.
  • Be prepared to get a little lost on your hunting trips.

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Welcome to the home page of the New Astronomers’ Group (NAG)

The New Astronomers' Group is an introductory course to: 1) Amateur Astronomy 2) Science of Astronomy 3) History of Astronomy.
Formed as an outreach programme of the Astronomical Society of Victoria (ASV) for new members. It is conducted as a monthly meeting at it’s Clubroom in the Eastern Suburbs for Melbourne. Anyone is welcome to join the ASV. Once your ASV membership has been confirmed you can join us at NAG.

The business of NAG is conducted on the ASV main web-site. The following NAG links will tell you more about how NAG operates:-
What is NAGMeeting Calendar, How to Join.

Those who join the ASV soon find out there are many more benefits than just being able to join New Astronomers’ Group. A calendar of events awaits you.

Late August will be the next Intake. -- I am currently working through e-mail requests to join the group.
My web-site update issues are fixed -- This turned out to be my network modem starting to fail.
Yes sorry the site is little out of date. --Busy is insufficent to describe the amount of work I have as President at the moment.


Site purpose

  • To provide more details than is warranted on the general ASV web-site.
  • The “Members” page gives you login access to course notes and other materials. While NAG is a 12 month course, the plan is to offer 2 years of web access. This will allow the download of any course notes missed so you can fill gaps in your NAG folder.
  • The teaser page is exactly what the title says. For those considering joining NAG each month a sample of course material is available to sample what the NAG course might be like. Plus a few other items to help you get started observing the night sky.

More is planned for this site. Please come back for another visit.

Thank you... Ken
Section Director of the New Astronomers’ Group
Contact: nag@asv.org.au
Last updated: Wednesday, August 07, 2013

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